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Cape Verde gears up for DTT transmissions in 2015

The Advisory Council for Social Communication (CCCS) in Cape Verde announced that it will begin its activities in 2015 to introduce digital terrestrial television (DTT). DTT will revolutionise television viewing in terms of the quality of audio and images, and will allow nationwide coverage, thanks to the existence of a national broadcast transmission network, which [...]

African to count 1.57 million IPTV subs end-2018

The IPTV user base across Africa is forecast to rise 482% from 270,000 paid subscription end-2013 to 1.57 million end-2018, according to the latest forecasts published by Dataxis. However, IPTV is only likely to become a viable proposition in a few markets given the lean internet penetration across Africa. Nigeria is expected to top the [...]

Cape Verde DTT roll out in two stages

The Cape Verde government announced that the digital terrestrial television (DTT), scheduled to start by June 17, 2015, will be implemented in two phases. The first phase will be functional in 2015 and transmitters will be installed in Cidade da Praia and the islands of Santiago, Maio, Sao Vicente and Sal, covering 12 of the [...]

Cape Verde aims for DTT testing lab

Cape Verde, the island country in Western Africa, wants to host a testing laboratory for the implementation of digital terrestrial television (DTT) in Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) member countries. Cape Verde is a country with mountainous islands, a very rugged terrain, valleys and streams, unlike other members of ECOWAS, which are completely [...]