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BBC World Service expands offerings to several African Countries

BBC World Service reaches out for the Horn of Africa with the launch of three new services targeting audience in Ethiopia, Eritrea. The new BBC services will provide news, current affairs and analysis of Ethiopia and Eritrea as well as regional and international news. Programmes will target a younger audience as well with social media [...]

BBC World service expansion includes 6 new African language services

BBC, the British public broadcaster has revealed its biggest expansion since 1940. The company is launching 11 new language services among which are six African languages for 2017. This includes Afaan Oromo, Amharic, Tigrinya, Igbo, Yoruba and Nigerian Pidgin. The first and second mentioned language is widely spoken in Ethiopia and Afaan Oromo is also [...]

Yes drops BBC World from its menu

Israeli satellite television provider, yes, has dropped BBC World news station from its bouquet of channels replacing it with France 24’s English-language international news channel. “Customer satisfaction with the channel is low, which is demonstrated in part by the data on the number of people watching it, which is very low,” stated YES. “We believe [...]