StarTimes well poised for the digital advertising revolution in Africa


Michael Dearham Group Senior Consultant at StarTimes shed some light on the digital advertising in Africa, and the way StarTimes has braced itself for it.

The rapid evolution of Ads becoming organic with data at the core compels us to improve our capacity in fields of data science the Senior consultant commented about the company’s positioning in this industry saying, “This year we celebrate our 30th anniversary – our growth and development during this period of time has been dynamic and sustained. In this regard, StarTimes has prioritised sustained production and promotion of quality indigenous language African television content and channels (in diverse formats and genres).”

He added, “We have steadily built a market niche in lower and middle-income segments, as the preferred destination for prestigious sporting brands (such brands inclusive of; FIFA, Bundesliga, One Championship, Pakistan Super League and local African soccer leagues). Our multichannel delivery technology is superior, content pricing affordable, supported by easily accessible business halls in urban and semi-rural settings.”

He explained to us the opportunities advertising holds for StarTimes on the African continent. “For digital TV, we are well positioned to attract a wide range of categories inclusive of; foodstuff, fast moving consumer goods to automobile products. Our current major contributors are essentially businesses enterprises with focus on; gaming, skincare, a wide range of FMCG’s, telecom, white goods and cosmetics. Benefiting from the economic development in some regions, we are seeing positive growth trends in banking and finance sector spending.” StarTimes, he said, is to launch its OTT service in selective African markets, a service that already boasts 40 million downloads.

Strategic partnerships with leading telecoms will serve to expedite OTT business consolidation and growth. Partnering with ad-serving engines will fast-track their plans for RTB, via programmatic instantaneous auction. Given Africa’s leader-status in mobile-share of web traffic and the fact that Global Ad growth is driven by mobile, this given the advantages of enhanced ad-measurability and more targeted delivery, Startimes accordingly place greater emphasis on mobile market in the ensuing period.