StarTimes signed deal with Zambian government for DTT


StarTimes acknowledging that Zambia is among the 17 African countries which benefited from the US$ 2.5 billion contract for digital migration, revealed that the group signed a US$273 million contract with the Zambian government for the exercise.

StarTimes Vice President Guo Ziqi said that Zambia will further benefit from the 10 000 African Villages Satellite Television project. She explained that Zambia will have to identify villages to receive the digital television innovation. Ziqi said since the areas around and along the line of rail in Zambia have been digitalized it should also give the rural communities confidence that they too will receive the much-awaited digital satellite television services.

StarTimes, established in 1988, began expanding its business to Africa in 2002 has been working closely with African governments to jointly promote digitalization and informatisation. Ziqi said, “We did a survey in Africa and found out that very few households had access to digitalized television and that the cost for accessing this technology was high.” She added, “We have introduced more than 480 quality international channels programming in more than ten languages including English, French, Swahili, Hausa and Luganda among others. We employ more Africans at 80 percent of the 30000 total workforce.”