South Africa’s North West village welcomes the DTT campaign

The Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) campaign is moving towards the North-West border village of South Africa. Awareness will be raised regarding the new era of high-definition television through the DTT process, among residents in the village of Ramatlabama, near Mahikeng.

A DTT Imbizo will be held on the border of Botswana and led by the Faith Muthambi, the Minister of Communications. Less fortunate TV households, qualified for the government subsidy, will be encouraged to register for free set-top boxes (STB).

“In the coming weeks, we will be visiting different villages across the country as part of the registration drive for STBs aimed at poor TV owning households who earn less than R3200. We are embarking on the digital broadcasting educational awareness. We want to ensure that our people in the deep rural areas are left behind”, Muthambi said.

Residents along provinces the South African borders will be privileged so as to reduce signal interference with neighbouring countries who are ready to deploy mobile communication services in the spectrum currently used by analogue television transmissions.