South African first coloured channel OnseTV to launch on StarSat

onse TV

OnseTV to launch brand-new TV channel as the first Afrikaans TV channel to cater specifically to SA’s coloured community. The channel will be launched on StarSat pay TV service of the Chinese StarTimes Media SA and On Digital Media.

OnseTV is run by the husband-and-wife team of Jaco and Hilda Ferreira who started the Afrikaans TV channel ASTV. While OnseTV will be mainly broadcasted in Afrikaans from Friday, the channel will also include English.

The channel will showcase the interests and cultural aspirations of South Africa’s coloured community and is specifically targeting the TV content gap present in South Africa’s broadcasting environment when it comes to this population demographic.

“Working with a wide range of people in the industry and indeed our community, it has long been clear to us that there is no focused TV channel that caters for entertainment and the educational needs of our largest South African, Afrikaans speaking community, our coloured Afrikaans community,” says OnseTV. The company further added, “The socio-cultural depth of this demographic is varied and extensive and worthy of celebration and embrace,” with OnseTV that says the channel’s plans to “capture the spirit and drive and reflect it on the small screen” of this community.

Debbie Wu, acting CEO of StarSat said, “OnseTV will go a long way to celebrating the rich heritage of South African ‘people of colour’ through the vibrant medium of Afrikaans language”. Wu added, “We are proud to be associated with OnseTV as it will add great entertainment value and diversity to an already stunning line-up of channels on StarSat’s platform.”