Sotelma-Malitel launched 4G in Mali

The telecommunications company of Mali, Sotelma-Malitel officially launched its 4G network to further improve the quality of the internet connection in Mali.

The CEO of Malitel-Sotelma, Abdel Azis Biddine, expressed, “We are here today to celebrate the excellence and hard work that every Malitel employee provides every day to offer all our customers with the best service. This is the official launch of 4G on the Malitel network.”

According to him, the launch of 4G emanates from Sotelma-Malitel’s global strategy to improve its services as well as the needs of its customers. However, he reveals, well before obtaining the license to operate 4G less than a month ago, the telecom operator had already initiated work for this.

According to the marketing manager of Sotelma-Malitel, Moustapha El Outti, ‘’The 4G is the fourth generation of standards for mobile telephony, allowing the use of very high speed. The activation of 4G on new devices compatible with 4G is done automatically.”

On the other hand, the Minister of Digital Economy and Communication, Arouna Modibo Touré, declared, “Since 1999, the Government of the Republic of Mali has undertaken enormous reforms to make the telecommunications sector more profitable, more equitable and more attractive.”

In preparing the ground for the launch of its 4G connection, Sotelma-Malitel’s goal was to offer the best quality of service and expand 4G, not only in Bamako, but also in other regions.