Six operators fined in Tanzania for violating SIM registration rules

The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority fined 6 telecom operators for violating subscriber registration rules. The violations include operators registering SIM cards with unauthorised identity cards or without taking photos of subscribers as well as registering subscribers whose identification details could not be traced back to the database. According to TCRA, the telecoms were charged with the same offence previously. The telecoms have been given until 14 October 2017 to settle the fines. 

Airtel Tanzania Ltd was fined a total of US$81550, Benson Informatics Ltd, under the brand name of Smart will have to pay US$7600. Tigo, a subsidiary of MIC Tanzania Ltd will have to pay US$3000 more than what Airtel must pay while Viettel Tanzania Ltd, trading as Halotel will be paying a fine of US$47800. Zantel and Vodacom Tanzania have been fined between US$27000 to US$40000. 

All six operators have also been ordered by the TCRA to pay a further amount of US$223415 for “compromising and endangering public security” through their actions. The fines were also imposed for selling lines without relevant identification details as well as activating lines before registering them.