Sirius Telecoms rolls out MVNO services in Senegal

Sirius Telecoms launched the first Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) ‘Promobile’ in Senegal owned by local business tycoon Mbackiou Faye. It is the first virtual mobile network operator in Senegal to enter the telecom market.

The new mobile operator will try to position itself for the development of a digital society that aims to offer the best services to the Senegalese citizens.

According to Mbackiou Faye, the choice of the operator is not accidental, “We have respected the specifications imposed by the Regulatory Authority, which is why we announce today the official launch of Promobile’s commercial activities.”

The first Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) will use the infrastructure of the operator Tigo to deploy its offer as required by the telecommunications specifications.  

Sirius Télécoms SA had to settle 300 million F CFA to obtain its license which will offer services such as mobile plans, charging and credit transfer, sale of SIM cards and broadband internet. The company also plans to set up a call centre, a customer service and a fixed line offer.  

Furthermore, the first MVNO will also launch its Mobile Banking platform Procash. Procash will allow people to carry out a variety of electronic transactions including money transfer, electronic payment of bills and E-Commerce.