Showmax rolls out free data deal with Vodacom

Showmax has introduced a new deal with Vodacom offering free access to the Showmax service and free Showmax data. Vodacom subscribers who add Showmax to their bill between 1 November 2018 and 31 January 2019 will have 15 GB of free Showmax data (5 GB per month for three months). Moreover, the usual Showmax 6.97 USD (R99) per month subscription fee will be dropped for three months. There’s no contract or lock-in period – Showmax can be cancelled at any time.

This agreement comes at an important time for Naspers, who wants to improve the results of its sections, which manage pay TV and streaming activities, as part of the IPO of some of its subsidiaries. Among these, Showmax could have an important place because of the progressive return of the streaming and the video on demand in the habits, in Africa.

This free data offer with three months of free access to Showmax is exclusive to Vodacom customers. The offer is open to both prepaid and contract customers.

Once the three months’ free access period has expired, subscribers will then be charged 3.45 USD (R49) per month for Showmax for the following nine months. In total, this means that a year of Showmax, which would normally cost 83.69 USD (R1 188), will instead only cost 31.07 USD (R441) – and that’s with the 15 GB of free Showmax data during the first three months.