Showmax partners with VAST Networks to offer free Wi-Fi

For three months, Showmax customers will have access to unlimited Wi-Fi across South Africa via 83 VAST Wi-Fi hotspots. The internet service Showmax and VAST Networks, Africa’s first open access Wi-Fi provider signed an agreement to zero-rate Wi-Fi data for movies and shows streaming and download on Showmax.

The head of Showmax Africa, Chris Savides, said, “Thanks to the downloads feature on Showmax, this zero-rated data means much more than just having something to watch while you’re at the mall. Once you log onto one of the VAST Wi-Fi sites, download up to 25 TV shows or movies and the data won’t cost you a cent. Get your groceries at the shops and come home with the week’s entertainment sorted.”

The Showmax app is available to download on both Adroid and iOS internet enabled devices and which support the features of the app. Around 25 TV shows and movies are available to be downloaded on the app and remains on the device for a month. Once started, viewers have 2 days to complete the viewing a piece of content. Users have the option to download 4 different file sizes to fit their storage space. At the lowest quality, a 20 minutes TV show can take up to 80MB of storage space.

The CEO of VAST Networks, Grant Marias, said, “Online video consumption, specifically on mobile devices, is growing rapidly in South Africa. With entertainment being one of the most sought-after content types, we are very excited to play a role in addressing this need and providing consumers with wider access to relevant content. Our efforts continue to be aimed at our ambition of democratising internet access and we look forward to supporting Showmax and delivering greater value to the South African market.”