ShowMax available on Xbox One

ShowMax app headed to the Xbox One platform to allow subscribers to stream TV and movies through. The giant media streaming app for movies and TV shows which has been dominating the market up until now has been Netflix which was available on Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

ShowMax partnered with Xbox One to compete against the giant and to gain in local market share. Thanks to its licensing agreements with MultiChoice it now boasts exclusive content which are not available to local Netflix subscribers like Game of Thrones and the recent episodes of House Of Cards.

Xbox One users can now enjoy locally made shows and South African TV channels in high quality. Shows like The Young Pope, Invader Zim and Taboo starring Tom Hardy can also be watched via the app on Xbox One. ShowMax has made the service available at a very affordable price to attract customers. Users are treated to free trial by signing up on the app. The free trial, as well as the subscription can always be cancelled.