Safaricom acquired Huawei Expertise to accelerate its FTTH deployment

The Chinese technology company Huawei has announced the adoption by mobile phone operator Safaricom of its FTTH E2E (end-to-end) solution for the rapid deployment of its fiber optic network at home.

According to Jeff Wang, president of Huawei’s network access product line, “the FTTH E2E solution, which is characterized by precise investment, fast network construction and fast services, allows operators to significantly shorten the network construction period and to have a quick return on investment.”

With the full range of expertise provided for the FTTH E2E solution, including the Mini Operations Support System (OSS), Huawei says it will shorten the system integration period and complete the deployment of the fibre optic network in only three months, rather than 18 months. The telecom company will also rely on the existing metropolitan fibre optic cable network. A smartphone application, included in the FTTH E2E solution, which integrates installation, maintenance and operations, will reduce the service rendering period from two weeks to less than 48 hours, Huawei said.

According to Thibaud Rerolle, Chief Technology Officer at Safaricom, “using Huawei’s FTTH E2E solution, we will be able to quickly build the fibre optic network at home.” By improving its response time to consumers’ need for home-based connectivity, Safaricom wants to position itself as a company with high quality customer service.