SACIA aids in developing SA’s broadcast industry

Since 2009, the South African Communication Industries Association (SACIA) has been promoting the adoption of professional standards and ethical business practices within the broadcast communications industry across Southern Africa.

Executive director of SACIA, Kevan Jones has been on this journey since its inception. He talks about it saying, “We’d arrange studio visits, share information and publish research on technology applicable to the broadcast industry. Most of the people involved in that early group are now retired, but Kim Smith from Sasani and George Durant from Red Pepper are both still active as leaders in our Broadcast Industry Council. Of course we’ve expanded dramatically since those early days but our core vision remains the same: to promote the adoption of professional standards and ethical business practices in the communications industry across Southern Africa.”

Jones expands: “Our members are regular participants in some of the big international trade shows and we make sure we host regular events which allow them to share their knowledge and experience,” says Jones. “We also deliver regular training in collaboration with some of the world’s leading training providers – providing access to members on the trends and technologies shaping the future of the broadcast and AV industry.”