Public broadcaster in Congo to launch youth channel with Lagardere Group

The government of Congo is set to launch a new television channel called “Télé Congo Jeunesse” in collaboration with the French group Lagardère. The announcement was made by the Minister of Communication and Media of Congo Thierry Lézin Moungala.

Télé Congo Jeunesse will be the second public national channel and will complement the offer of the public broadcaster Télé Congo which was launched in 1962 and was the first TV channel broadcasting in the sub-Saharan Africa region. Télé Congo is experiencing a slowdown accentuated not only by the lack of financial and material resources, but also competition from local, African and international media available in Congo.

The minister Thierry Lézin Moungala announced that Télé Congo Jeunesse may begin its first broadcasts in June 2016. He further declared that the channel is being made in collaboration with the French group Lagardère, specialized in the production and distribution of content.

Lagardère operates in nearly 40 countries worldwide. The French group is investing increasingly in Africa. In 2015, they have launched a radio station in Côte d’Ivoire after they have launched their first channel in Senegal in 2014. In addition, last year, Lagardère acquired a majority stake in the Diffa company which is a distribution platform for African films and audiovisual works. An office was opened in Abidjan and two more will be installed in Nairobi and Johannesburg. Also last year, the group launched the channel Gulli in Africa.