PrideTV launches second tier of the Freemium service

Africa’s LGBTQ video on demand (VOD) channel, PrideTV, has launched a second tier of streaming video content for its audience. Known as ‘Freemium’, the new viewing option aims to coincide with the channel’s one-year anniversary. 

Joanne Raphael Katz, PrideTV’s spokesperson said, “Our Freemium portal offers a no subscription, no commitment promise that simultaneously delivers a high-quality VOD viewing experience.” Katz said the adoption of VOD technologies by the continent’s mobile and desktop internet users urged them to add the PrideTV Freemium viewing option. 

“There are now two tiers on the site,” adds Katz, “In Freemium, we have gathered the best of the web content to offer the community more, free of charge. In Premium, we have a subscription-based service at an affordable $5.50 per month, with hundreds of titles to enjoy anytime, anywhere, and on any device. PrideTV is Africa’s flagship LGBTQ entertainment channel and has a responsibility to innovate in the LGBTQ viewing space. Our Freemium content is the latest example of PrideTV’s commitment to VOD LGBTQ innovation.” 

The prepaid and credit card payment options mean that the service can be cancelled at any time, enabling consumers to budget better. Viewers’ time is not interrupted by commercials and repetitions can be avoided.