Play Nigeria relaunched SPI Channels

The entire SPI’s TV line-up has been relaunched by Play, from the Nigeria’s rebranded Consat platform which includes FILMBOX. Two sports channels have also been relaunched Fightbox, the 27/7 martial arts network and Fast&Funbox featuring coverage of international shows and competitions. 

Other channels in the line-up include DOCUBOX which shows the best documentary films on nature, science and human civilization, FASHIONBOX, a worldwide TV channel devoted to fashion trends, 360TUNEBOX, an international music channel and GAMETOON with e-sports and interactive games. 

Amit Karni, SPI’s Head of Distribution Africa said, “This most recent relaunch of our channels by Play in Nigeria clearly demonstrates the SPI’s ability to deliver unique and top-quality content that viewers in the West Africa region find attractive.”  He added, “We truly appreciate Play’s committment to rebrand Consat and relaunch our channels as part of the new service.”

Funmi Adenaike, General Manager at Play commented on his part, “Play, formerly known as Consat, has rebranded and this has made way for more exciting channels on our television platform. Play is being positioned as a youth-friendly brand which is playing in a league that has been recognized as highly competitive, a league with endless opportunities. Play focuses on delivering content and world class channels for both domestic and global audience. This is one of the reasons why we have launched the SPI’s channels.”