Pay-TV firm Zuku raises internet service prices

Zuku, the internet and pay-TV service provider announced price increments for its fibre packages as of September 8. The price increase is said to be a bid to cushion the business from increasing its operating costs.

Zuku, owned by Wananchi Group, said its slowest internet package will be at 2Mbps while the fastest will be at 250Mbps. The firm also increased its subscription cost the previous year. All the increments is expected to impact on the nine bouquets leaving the four others unchanged. 

Zuku notified its subscribers of the price changes and worded the changes as an “increase in costs and inflationary pressures.” Zuku said to customers after numerous protests on social media “We are reviewing our tariffs effective 8th September 2017. This in bid to ensure we deliver the best.”

The company said the increase has been necessitated as they invested heavily in their network to be able to provide superior services to its customers.