Partner TV provides Netflix for free during 6 months in Israel

Partner TV subscribers will be able to use Netflix free of charge for six months. Apart from the monthly US$20 subscription free, the Netflix subscription accessible to all subscribers at an additional cost of US$5.50.

After the six months, the Netflix subscription would be on a single invoice, meaning Netflix subscription could be paid through Partner at a regular price of up to US$14 depending on the package chosen. Viewers would be able to enjoy Netflix vast video content library including the newly launched Hebrew interface fully adapted to Israel. 

Partner CEO Isaac Benbenisti said today, “We’re delighted and proud of our partnership with Netflix, which enables us to offer the world’s best content with the most advanced television service in Israel. Even before we began installing the service, over 20,000 customers registered as being interested in joining Partner TV. In recent weeks, we have already installed the service in hundreds of homes throughout Israel.”