Orange deploys streaming service in Africa using Norigin TV app

Orange TV in Ivory Coast has licensed Norigin’s Hybrid Apps to launch a streaming service, which is unique in the region. The service will be available with specific features to suit the market needs in West Africa. The service will be available on a range of iOS and Android devices that shall also have the possibility to cast the streaming-video content using the Orange Dongle for a large screen experience.

Mobile subscribers of Orange will be offered the TV Apps. The plug-in stick, similar to Google’s Chromecast offering, provides access to movie channels, free TV channels and a full VoD catalogue, presented through a user interface from Norigin´s Hybrid Apps product.

Ajey Anand, Norigin Media’s CEO added: “With the smart phones and tablets becoming key devices in the region, it is only a matter of time before a comprehensive OTT solution is offered across all platforms. Casting of video with the Orange dongle to large screens makes Orange TV a unique proposition in the region. We are proud to launch our TV Apps in Africa and look forward to extending the offer to more devices and markets throughout the continent.”

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