Ooredoo Supernet network covers 92% of Oman

The company’s 4G network coverage extends to 92% of Oman’s population.
Following the plans rolled in 2017 to successfully deliver 1,000 sites by Q1 of 2018, the company has continued to raise the bar by expanding its 4G upgrades to over 1,100 locations.

As part of its plan to transform the digital experience through their Supernet network, the company’s extensive grid now covers 92% of Oman’s population with 4G and plans to reach 95% by Q2 of 2018.  Designed to deliver great connectivity, the upgrade will allow customers across the country to enjoy the internet over a high-speed network.

Ian Dench, CEO at Ooredoo said, “we want our customers to enjoy the internet that means having great high speed network. When we made the 4G expansion announcement in 2017, Ooredoo said that 1,000 new sites will be added to increase its coverage to 90% of Oman by the first quarter of 2018. I am pleased to say that as the Sultanate’s data digital leaders, we have been able to successfully deliver on this promise and exceed it. The improvement and expansion of our Supernet network represents our largest upgrade.”