Ooredoo rolls out the first eSIM technology in Qatar

Ooredoo made another announcement by launching with success the first live eSIM on its world-class Supernet network.

eSIMs are SIMs that will allow Ooredoo to provide a complete digitised user experience without having to insert the normal SIM card in the smart device. With this innovation, subscribers will have the opportunity to shift between their private and business numbers in a single phone without the need to physically change cards in the phone.

eSIM will also be of importance for the Internet of Things. Many small devices, such as watches and other wearables, can be connected to the mobile network without the need for a sim card, thus, reshaping the digital experience at home or at the office.

The Chief Executive Officer of Ooredoo, Waleed Al Sayed, declared, “Ooredoo believes in offering and investing in the best services for our country and our people, which is why we are one of the leading telecommunications operators in the world.”

Al Sayed further said, “Alongside our amazing 5G roll-out, eSIM technology will enable our customers to seamlessly switch between personal and business accounts, enjoy data like never before and take advantage of our crystal-clear voice services on our Supernet network.”