Ooredoo revamped its TV multi room service


The multi-room service of Ooredoo has been revamped to provide families in Qatar more access to the latest entertainment. Before the launch of the service, customers would have needed to buy another full subscription from the operator to enjoy the services in a second room of their house. 

With the revamp, however, Ooredoo TV customers would just need to pay for a single subscription to gain access to the multi-room service. They would need to get an extra box to enjoy entertainment around their house. Different Ooredoo channels can be watched in different room of the house. The installation for an Ooredoo tv multi-room is a one-off time fee and the subscription is fixed per the number of boxes a customer has. 

Manar Khalifa al-Muraikhi, director, public relations and corporate communications, said, “With Ooredoo tv multi-room, sports fans can enjoy all the live matches in one room, while the children catch-up with their favourite onscreen adventures in their bedroom, and entertainment addicts watch the latest movies, TV series, and more in another room.”