Ooredoo to launch 5G network in Qatar by 2018

The first stage of Ooredoo’s 5G network will be launched by 2018 in Qatar. The service will be commercially available by 2020, according to the Qatar-based telecom giant. Once the 5G network is rolled out in Qatar, the internet speed will jump to between 1GB and 10GB per second.


“We are already working to build the first R&D Centre and also a research laboratory with Huawei, which is going to be open for professionals soon,” said Waleed Al Sayed, CEO, Ooredoo Qatar.


“We are ready to implement 5G in Qatar as soon as it is standardized and available commercially,” he added.


“The building is ready, and it will take another one year to be operational as we are in the process of putting in place the needful equipment and support services. So the challenge is how fast the standardized can be brought forward to launch 5G,” said Al Sayed added.



Ooreedoo which has big operations in 11 countries (including Qatar), is focusing more in North Africa and Asia and soon going to launch 4G services in Tunisia and Algeria. The Ooredoo Group has plans to invest between 11 and 20 percent of its revenues on enhancing its infrastructure depending on the topography and geographical size of the country of its presence.