Number of pay-TV subscribers in Uganda stagnates

More than one year after the digital switchover took place in Uganda, the number of Pay-TV subscribers has stagnated.

One reason put forward for the campaign not being strong enough, is the poor dissemination of information about the digital migration process on behalf of the government. At the end of Azam TV, Simon Arineitwe stated that its number of subscribers has not really increased since then, with only 90000 number.

Also, he said: “These free to air channels should be free of cost because we distribute these channels free of cost to our customers. We have customers who are interested in them”.

According to the director of corporate affairs at the Uganda Communications Commission, Fred Otunnu, among the 3.4 million television sets being in use in the country, only 2.5 million people are using digital terrestrial broadcasting. He found that the number of customers was increased due to the aggressive campaign carried out during the process. The cost of services was reduced to 500 UGX (1.39 USD) and even some companies were distributing set top boxes free of charge.

Otunnu added: “But with time customers realised that there is a monthly pay. This prompted many of them to go back to the free to air channels”.