Nigerians still in the dark over digital migration

Nigeria´s population is still struggling to understand the digital migration process ahead of the June 2015 deadline for analogue switch off. Unlike Kenya, Ghana and other southern African countries, Nigeria is unclear about the concept of digitisation and the need to incorporate STBs to view programmes.

Amidst this ignorance, South African Digital Broadcasting Association (SADIBA) warn of issues in the area of consumer protection and illegal practises. Although the Federal Government had formed “Digi Team” to oversee the migration and the country opted for DVB-T2 more than five years back, the regulator was indifferent as StarTimes aggressively marketed T-1 boxes to unsuspecting members of the public at rock-bottom prices.

Though countries of the ECOWAS sub-region are working on a common format of migration to digital broadcasting, pay-TV giant, Multichoice, is the only company to have started awareness programmes aimed at sensitising the African public about the switch-off by sponsoring a series of ‘Digital Dialogue’ conferences.