New TV show ‘’Looking for Love Naija’’ to be aired on Africa Magic Urban Channel

‘’Looking for Love Naija’’ is an Afro reality-TV show presented by BusuMelo Media. Each episode highlights two total strangers (one male, one female) known as Love Hopefuls who go on a series of dates to test their affinity for a possibility at finding real love. The episodes run for 30 minutes giving the opportunity for viewers to enjoy the real-life struggles of people trying to make truthful and engaging connections in the city of Lagos, Nigeria.

“Looking for Love Naija” episodes begin with each Love Hopeful making a decision at the end of the four dates to either continue dating their match or look for love elsewhere – making for a dramatic standoff between the participants. This decision-making part of the show with its mouth-watering and gripping suspense will keep viewers at the edge of their seats as the hopefuls seek to find true love.

On every episode of the show, the Love Hopefuls will share truthful and impartial thoughts about their possible Love match, including very personal issues, desires and love tales in the quest to build a true relationship.

The show creator, Guy Futi, noted that, “Over the years, we have seen all sorts of ideals and tales about finding true love in Nigeria. With “Looking for Love Naija” show, we are capturing that experience and showcasing so we can all learn while being entertained. The idea is to chronicle the challenges of real people looking for love connections and of course we create a setting to get to know each other quickly. Love Hopefuls enjoy a mix of interpersonal activities from yoga dates, salsa lessons to deep inter personal questions. Love Hopefuls even get a chance to snoop through each other’s phone to. While this can be very daunting for those involved, the show promises to be lots of fun, romance, and drama.”

The ‘’Looking for Love Naija’’ show will be broadcasted by 9:30 pm on Fridays on Africa Magic Urban, Channel 153 on DSTV, as from December 7th, 2018.