New SA Communication Minister goes for encrypted STBs


Ayanda Dlodlo communication minister of South Africa will introduce the encrypted for DTT as recommended by the African National Congress (ANC) policy.

The minister declared “I’m not going to change the ANC policy unless when we get to the party conference in December. The direction is that that policy must be changed.”

South Africa digital migration has already been slowed by legal battles, suspended set-top boxes (STB) and missed deadlines.

The authorisation of encryption on the STB is going against the previous policy of Faith Muthambi her predecessor, who was in favour of unencrypted STBs which would provide free access to content for all citizens.

The previous minister went to the clash many people from her own party such has ANC’s Jackson Mthembu who stated that the use of unencrypted STB was not part of her mandate but the Department of Communications (DOC) declared: “To either expressly or by implication allege minister Muthambi has gone against the ANC policy on digital migration amendments is patently untrue. Furthermore, it is disingenuous and a veiled attack on the integrity of minister Muthambi to seek to suggest the minister may have been successfully lobbied by any group of interested parties.”

South Africa has missed the 2015 deadline and with the new program only household earning less than US$ 237 a month will receive the government-subsidised STBs. This should amount to a total of five million STB.