New OTT streaming video service launched by Envivo in Africa

Envivo Communications Limited (TV Connect MENA), announced that there are new plans to launch a new OTT streaming video service, nVIVO TV which is powered by the Cisco Indefinite Video Platform to provide its subscribers access to more ‘Nollywood’ and international video content across Africa.

Despite the popularity of ‘Nollywood’ content, Africa continues to register low television penetration within households. Although there is an increase in the number of cinemas, there’s only an average of a cinema screen per one million people in the region. With technology becoming the hype of these days, households possess more smartphones or other mobile devices to use thus making streaming video fast growing for watching movies, shows and other video content in Africa. Envivo will offer streaming video services for Nollywood and international content across mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets and PCs to give a boost and help broaden the availability of video content to more audiences in Africa.

A mix of Cisco OTT video solutions including the Cisco Indefinite Video Platform, a cloud services platform for service providers and content owners to process, secure, distribute and monetize premium video on devices, will be used by Envivo along with the Cisco Open Media Distribution for Content Delivery Network (CDN), Virtual Media Packager and Cloud Object Storage. The new services will be made available in the beginning of 2018. 

Olu Obadina, Chairman and Chief Innovation Officer at Envivo Communications Limited, said, “The vision of nVIVO TV is to drive the African and African diaspora market toward a new online streaming experience that provides significant domestic content.” 

Conrad Clemson, senior vice president and general manager, Service Provider Platforms and Applications of Cisco said, “TV viewing happens on many screens beyond the home, and it has become increasingly critical for service providers to meet consumers’ needs for video content on their preferred screen.” Clemson added, “Our collaboration with Envivo to expand its video platform with new cloud-powered streaming video capabilities will offer new entertainment experiences for millions of people across the region at the touch of an app.”