Netflix in UAE now pay subscriptions in local currency

Netflix made an announcement to make changes to its UAE pricing schedule, in accordance with its mission to “deliver a more local experience.”

Payment will now be taken in UAE dirhams, rather than US dollars which has been the case since the streaming service was introduced in January 2016.

Concerning the prices, subscribers will notice little difference, unless they are on the most expensive Premium, four-screen service. The Basic, one-screen, subscription will remain the same $7.99 (Dh29), so there is no change at all. Subscribers of the Standard, two-screen, will now pay $10.62 (Dh39) instead of $9.99 (Dh37), which is a minor increase.

Meanwhile, premium subscribers will see their subscription rise to $15.25 (Dh56) from $11.99 (Dh44), a 27 per cent increase, which is still favourable compared to rival services. The modifications in payments will take immediate effect, as individual customers’ billing cycles come around.

To recall since 2016, Netflix has also introduced several technical refinements to its service in the region, comprising watching pre-downloaded content offline; improved parental control; increased 4K, HDR and Dolby Atmos offerings, and its Mobile Previews service, which enables viewers to find, preview and watch content more easily on their phone.