National Media Commission of Ghana trains the Media Advisory Committees on DTT

Ghana is almost set to switch over to the world digital platform by next year as required by the Geneva 2006 agreement which mandates all countries across the world to migrate from analogue to digital broadcasting by 2018. As a consequence, 53 transmission sites have been built across the country to facilitate the DTT Kick Off.

The Executive Secretary of the National Media Commission (NMC), Mr. George Sarpong, announced it during the opening of a two-day workshop for members of three Regional Media Advisory Committees (RMACs) from the Southern sector on Friday. The workshop was aimed to educate the MACs on digital migration enabling them to understand the issues before it took-off.

Sarpong explained that the migration was a global exercise that all countries must adhere to and urged members of the Regional Committees to be abreast with the issues involved. He said Ghana was currently leading in the preparation towards the migration process, and that Africa in general was struggling to migrate but hinted that it would be regrettable for any country to be left behind digitally because after the deadline, transmission by analogue could be chaotic.

This was because there would not be guaranteed protection from transmission interferences by neighbouring countries. On the training, he mentioned that NMC, as a regulator would have to play its gate-keeping role and therefore needed to enlighten its members on the subject to enable them to have better understanding and appreciate the issues relating to it.