Music app BAZIKS to extend it’s reach in the Congolese market


Introduced in 2017, BAZIKS is a nonstop music playback app dedicated to Congolese music and is accessible on Google Play. Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)-based BAZIKS will roll out a crowdfunding campaign by the end of this year as it bids to develop its offering and introduce paid services.

The app now has an array of 350 artists, nearly 1,500 hours of music and 8,000 subscribers, and has inked a contract with Congolese copyright company SOCODA to promote the entire catalogue of Congolese music.

BAZIKS will offer a crowdfunding campaign soon as it bids to shape a community of Congolese music lovers, in the meantime it will start with the promotion of its paid offering. The company also plans to develop into the niche market of diaspora Congolese.

The founder and owner of BAZIKS, Baya Ciamala declared, “Congolese music is not sufficiently emphasized on major streaming applications, such as Deezer or Spotify. The day Papa Wemba died, not one of these applications came back on his career, no one has proposed playlists to these fans. We believe that with a good strategy and a good ramp-up that we will operate in the coming days, it will be possible to generate a profit margin to attract potential investors.”