Munki and Trunk show debuts on TV in South Africa

NickToons is bringing the first South African animation show to the channel over Easter, with the first episode flighted on Monday. For Nickelodeon’s NickToons Channel, it means their first local animation acquisition. Munki and Trunk is an animated show that has been two years in the making.

It was brought to life by Sunrise Productions – the team behind the successful Jungle Beat series and Africa’s first feature-length animation, The Legend of the Sky Kingdom. Based in Cape Town, the production house started out in 1998 in Zimbabwe, before moving to the Mother City in 2005.

“The next seven years we created 35 episodes of it. We meet people in Indonesia, Venezuela and Cambodia who grew up watching Jungle Beat, and it’s incredible to see the reach that a little five-minute non-dialogue show can have. And as we listened to their stories, we realised that there was something unique about Jungle Beat,” said producer Tim Keller. Keller added, “As South Africans, we had the privilege of growing up in the most beautiful place on Earth.”

Munki and Trunk is written and directed by Sam Wilson, and the characters are all from Jungle Beat.