Munana launches new edutainment TV show

The former Namibian Big Bother Africa contestant, Luis Munana, launched Waka Waka Moo, his latest TV show. The show comprises 26 episodes which will air weekly on the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC’s Channel 1) from September. 

More than 30 local celebrities will be acting in different episodes and the show swears to bring the best of edutainment to local TV screens. Munana says, “Each episode tells its own story, and it’s broken into different segments.” Munana says although ‘Waka Waka’ means different things in various African countries, in Namibia it means ‘go on’. He said, “If you tried to translate it, it would mean ‘go on, go on more’ or ‘just continue’. Hence, the overall message basically means “go on or continue doing and chasing your dreams.”

Munana was inspired from his stay in the Big Brother Africa House. He says the show will explore educational and entertainment programmes in mathematics, geography, basic child safety, financial literacy and dance and feature some local celebritities. 

He added, “There are also segments in the episodes that are only in cartoon form, and then there are segments which involve child hosts interacting with real life hand puppets. Basically, it will portray a sense of pride and a sense of relativity and preservation.”