MultiChoice South Africa offering DStv through Fibre

DStv customers living in estate, complex or apartment block with an installed fibre network can now receive signals to their DStv decoders through a centralised satellite dish. The system uses a single and shared satellite dish and then distributed the signal to homes through the optic fibre network. 

“Fibre distribution makes use of the latest technology and is a great solution for existing and new communal DStv systems that need to be updated,” said MultiChoice. The company added, “The system uses a single, shared satellite dish and then distributes the signal into individual homes using the fibre optic network. This distribution does not impact on the data download speeds of the fibre network.”

The service will be compatible with Explora and single-view HD decoders. Customers will also be able to make use of DStv’s Catch Up Plus and Showmax services, as their Exploras will be connected to the internet.