MultiChoice rolling out new DStv HD decoder

HD Decoder

New DStv HD decoder is introduced in the South African market by MultiChoice. The new decoder has earmarks of the DStv Explora decoder’s design and has the smartcard integrated within the decoder. The new DStv HD Single View is pretty same as the existing DStv HD decoder with some improvements to provide a more reliable viewing experience. The retail price is yet to be announced by the company. 

“The newest DStv HD decoder comes with a new remote control, model B6, which allows customers to programme up to five buttons to control their TV and home theatre from a single remote. MultiChoice says the new DStv HD decoder is smaller and more compact and is also the first DStv decoder with a built-in smartcard that subscribers can’t remove since smartcards are married to the decoders they come with anyway and can’t be used in different boxes.” MultiChoice said.

Gerdus van Eeden, MultiChoice’s chief technology officer, said: “we are proud that this decoder and its software is made here in South Africa. Our Explora is made in a dedicated factory in East London, and the DStv HD Decoder 5-series will be made in Durban and Randburg. This represents a crucial contribution to the manufacturing sector in South Africa.”

As from 1 November 2017, the DStv HD Decoder 5-series will be available from various retailers such as DStv Service Centres and agencies. MultiChoice says subscribers who don’t currently use a smart LNB in their installation should check with a DStv accredited installer for alternate solutions. DStv subscribers with newer installations who have a DStv Explora 2 and smart LNB, will be able to set up XtraView without updating their installation or needing to run a dedicated cable between the two decoders, as they will communicate via the installation cables.