MultiChoice Nigeria’s ordeal over renewal

A real ordeal could fall on MultiChoice. Indeed, Naspers’ subsidiary may no longer operate in Nigeria from June 2019, when the license expires which it uses to provide its DsTV and GoTV offerings in the Federal Republic.

According to the Daily Times, which allegedly had access to correspondence sent by MultiChoice to the local antenna of MultiChoice, the latter had informed the pay-TV operator that it could not renew its license, which ended June 2019. According to the correspondence, the license issued in 2014 to MultiChoice does not meet the standards of the white paper on migration to digital television. In order to continue operating, MultiChoice would only be left with the option of establishing a partnership with Pinnacle Communications Ltd or ITS, which holds Nigerian DTT-compliant licenses.

If MultiChoice were to leave the Nigerian market, one of the largest on the continent, this would be a huge loss for the operator already experiencing difficulties in South Africa.