MultiChoice Nigeria launches a Pay Per View offer

Multichoice Nigeria is launching a Pay-Per-View service, which allows consumer to pay an additional fee to watch a particular content.

The Head of Public relations Caroline Oghuma declared “It is a concept allowed in pay TV operation, but it is different from pay-as-you-go which has been misconstrued to mean pay-per-view. Oghuma stated that pay-as-you-go, as believed by some customers, is not obtainable in the pay TV business.”

The concept here is to make available premium, content to basic customer by allowing them to purchase a particular program out of their current subscription. 

Mme Oghuma stated: “Paying for PPV in Europe and the UK is equivalent to paying for two months subscription in Nigeria. We know Africans love boxing that is why we are bringing the best thing that is happening in the world to Africa.”