MultiChoice launches DStv WIFI Connector

MultiChoice introduced a new WiFi Connector which allows customers to connect their DStv Explora personal video recorder (PVR) decoders to the internet wirelessly. The connector comes in four years after the company first introduced the product, enabling consumers to connect their PVRs to Catch Up Plus streaming content online without having to wire the machine up using Ethernet cables. 

The connector is smaller than the previously released one which comes with a USB docking station. The Chief Technology Officer of MultiChoice, Gerdus Van Eeden said, “It’s easier to connect to your router, even if it is in another room, and there’s no need to run a cable from your router to your Explora.”

Consumers can access Catch Up Plus by connecting the Explora to the internet. Catch Up Plus includes a thousand movie titles in the M-Net Collection and the enables users to schedule recordings remotely. It also allows access to Showmax, the video-streaming service launched by MultiChoice’s parent, Naspers.