Multichoice Kenya agreed on halting shows with gay themes

After much deliberation and lobbying, Multichoice has agreed to quit stop the broadcast of 6 TV programmes on DSTV and GOtv that were banned by the Kenya Films and classification Board (KFCB). 

The KFCB complained that some programmes that were being broadcasted were glorifying homosexuality. Multichoice takes pride in ensuring its compliance with the law in all jurisdictions in which it operates and understands that culture is the foundation of the country. Multichoice contacted the channel suppliers pertaining to the complaints made against the gay themed programmes which were aired on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Nicktoons. 

Concerning the issues raised by clients, the company said it guarantees its channels and content are reasonable for kids. In Africa, as in all markets, it said, it always seeks to be respectful of local laws, cultures, and sensitivities and, in some instances, this means that it shows amended versions of US original series. It constantly reviews feedback from its audiences to ensure that this is the case. This is a responsibility that it takes extremely seriously, it added.