Multichoice Ghana rolls out DSTV business lite

MultiChoice Ghana has launched its newly developed DSTV business lite to reduce the amount targeted customers; thus, medium to low companies have to pay for the services. The DSTV comes with a downward review of pricing and upward adjustment of local content to promote the generation and utilisation of Ghana’s local content.

During the launching, Mr Cecil Sunkwa-Mills, the General Manager of MultiChoice Ghana, indicated that the company had decided to create a package that would see customers paying less but receiving more.

He declared the company came up with the package after a thorough review and consideration of customer feedbacks to help ease customers off their cost of the DSTV service, adding that the package had been accepted by many customers.

He noted that the package was also a relief for the commercial businesses that patronised the DSTV, saying that, “DSTV Business lite is a different package tailored for a different segment of the commercial sector, targeting small pubs and clubs, smaller restaurants, small hotels, guest houses.”

With the business lite, hotels would pay $10.48 per room per month and have the option of adding additional at $3.14 per channel.

For pubs and clubs, the price of the package is $31.43 per month with add on channels.