MTN Rwanda signs Agreement with Vanu to Expand Connectivity in Rural Areas

In order to increase its presence in rural areas where access to telecom services is low, mobile operator MTN Rwanda has signed a network integration agreement with Vanu Rwanda. According to Anthony Masozera, Vanu Rwanda’s chief executive officer; a subsidiary of the American company Vanu Inc., which specializes in providing telecom operators with access to the mobile solar network in isolated or little-covered areas, cooperating with MTN “will have a transformative impact on the lives of Rwandans”.

The alliance with MTN, Vanu Rwanda says it will bridge the digital divide by providing services that have not been available to the rural population so far. In addition to voice and data services, this cooperation will enable the provision of mobile money services and unlock previously untapped economic opportunities. “We are committed to providing improved rural service to all our subscribers. The agreement with Vanu Rwanda underscores the level of our commitment to providing people in rural areas with the same level of connectivity as urban dwellers. “, Bart Hofker, MTN Rwanda CEO.

Even the government looks favorably on the collaboration between MTN and Vanu Rwanda. Patrick Nyirishema, the director general of the Regulatory Authority for Public Services (RURA), explained that “the agreement between Vanu-Rwanda and MTN will help ensure the connection of all Rwandans, in accordance with the country’s vision to cover 100% of the network and to ensure that no Rwandans are left behind. ”