Mauritania to launch optic fibre lines

The President of Mauritiania has signed the launch of the construction of four optic fibre lines that will improve the country’s backbone, which will add 1,600 kilometers of optical fibre. These portions are namely the 431 km “Nouakchott-Atar-Choum”, the 723 km “Rosso-Boghé-Kaédi-Kaédi-Selibabi-Kiffa”, the 280 km “Aioun-Néma” and the Nouakchott local loop. The World Bank has agreed to invest $12 million in this infrastructure which will reinforce the country’s broadband access.

Globally, Ukraine offers the world’s cheapest broadband with an average cost of USD5 per month while the West African nation of Mauritania is the most expensive with an average monthly package price of USD768.16. With the introduction of the optical fibre this will enable the country to provide more affordable internet to local resident.