Médiamétrie et Omedia launch the first barometer of TNT on the continent

Médiamétrie and Omedia, two companies specializing in the collection of figures and the analysis of data on media activity, will launch the first barometer of DTT in Africa. The information was made public by a joint press release from both partners, dating from a few hours ago.

“Broadcasters, institutions, operators, content producers, media agencies, advertisers, and also digital equipment manufacturers and installers need to know, on a regular basis, the evolution of the market they drive. To analyze it, the new Omedia-Médiamétrie barometer will measure, among the general public, the notoriety, the equipment, the perception, the expectations (a better image, a better sound, an extended offer) and the intentions of equipment in TNT “, says the press release sent to the Ecofin Agency by Médiamétrie and Omedia.

Thus, the Omedia-Médiamétrie TNT barometer will enable “the channels, to anticipate their rise in power and their audience potential, to adapt their strategy in a new competitive universe. The institutional ones, meanwhile, will be able to follow the effect of the campaigns of communication TNT intended for the general public. As for agencies and advertisers, they will be able to integrate an audiovisual landscape enriched by new channels into their media thinking and anticipate the purchase of new advertising space. Finally, equipment manufacturers can use the barometer to anticipate the needs of homes in digital equipment.

The results of the barometer will be available by country and by target, twice a year. The two firms will carry out, next June, the first edition of the TNT Omedia-Médiamétrie barometer, which will cover Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Mali and Gabon. “In December 2018, the barometer will integrate other French-speaking countries”. Each wave of results will be based on a face-to-face interview of 600 individuals (700 for Côte d’Ivoire) aged 15 and over and representative of the population in terms of gender, age and profession. , level of study and place of residence.