Libtelco to collaborate with Google to improve access to high-speed Internet

Darren Wilkins, CEO of Liberia Telecommunications Corporation (LIBTELCO), said the incumbent will work with Google to improve public and broadband Internet access.

The public telecom company intends to connect to the fiber optic network that the US company plans to deploy in the country as part of its Project Link program, which began in 2013 with the objective of providing better connectivity in several African countries. C-Squared was created by Google to manage the project.

“We will take advantage of the Google / C-Squared urban fiber optic loop and take full advantage of the connectivity and Internet transformation potential to provide services to the government and people of Liberia,” said Darren Wilkins, who thinks That the urban fiber optic loop that will be built by C-Squared will create a level playing field for all Internet service providers.

Libtelco also plans to leverage the connectivity offered by Google’s fiber optics for hosting, co-location, cloud computing, and VoIP services. A set of solutions to meet the government’s e-government goals, Darren Wilkins said.

According to the owner of the incumbent, the arrival of the very high bandwidth constrains the company to prepare for the new demands of the market. A national data center that will host government data and applications, and provide other services as required, is under construction. The state-owned company will also be responsible for the maintenance of government computer equipment and technology equipment, currently entrusted to individuals and businesses. With administrative access to the Internet, these devices will contain sensitive data that, if misused, could harm national security.