Launching of local channels CBC and QTV on DStv in Zambia

MultiChoice Zambia announced the launch of two new local channels CBC and QTV on the DStv Platform. The new channels will be available on the DStv Access, Compact, Compact+ and Premium packages.

QTV Chief Executive Officer Moses Nyama said “We are very excited about this support and partnership we are receiving from DStv through MultiChoice Zambia as it gives Zambian talent and local producers an opportunity to express themselves and grow their potential on a bigger platform. As a station, we are committed to ensuring that we provide the best local TV programming possible.”

MultiChoice Zambia, Managing Director Recha Karima-Kabwe said “The Company will continue to partner with local TV channels and local content providers as a show of commitment to growing the Zambian TV and film sector.”

Some of the programs which are on the two TV stations include Zilile, iliyashi, In Touch and Soccer Chat that show on QTV while The Ultimate BLOCK, CalabashFlava and My Zed Top10 that air on CBC.