Kwese TV pulled out 6 channels from subscription service

Satellite and broadcasting network Kwese TV announced the removal of 6 channels from its subscription service since Monday the 12th of March. According to Kwese TV, the change is to enable it to streamline its services. The Channels which are being removed are Kwesé Movies 1, 2 and 3, Kwesé Family, Kwesé Know and Kwesé Inc.

In a statement, the company said: “Pan-African broadcaster, Kwese TV, is undertaking a staggered review of its branded/owned channels to streamline already existing and new content to give viewers a more targeted viewing experience. This means channels including Kwese Movies 1,2 and 3, Kwese Family, Kwese Know and Kwese Inc will temporarily go off air starting 12 March as we work to revamp the look and feel of the Kwese brand to create a new and exciting identity while also taking a tailored content grouping approach which will ensure ease of navigation for our customers on all our multiple platforms.”

Having been in the market for over a year, the company said to have a better understanding of their audiences and their content consumption patterns, these insights are guiding a full revamp strategy which is aimed at providing a complete face-lift for the brand, also keeping true to the provision of premium, exclusive and first to market programming for the entire family.

Kwese customers will see an exciting and innovative brand as the company revolutionise the media industry in Africa. Being one of the newest entertainment companies with the primary objective of providing affordable premium content, Kwesé needs to constantly review their services to improve it to ensure viewers are getting the best deal possible.

Active Kwese subscribers can continue to enjoy the rest of our owned channels including Kwese Prime, Kwese Stories and Kwese Kids until the revamp is complete. They can also check out over 60+ premium third-party channels with leading global shows and our extensive sports offering on Kwese Sports 1,2 and Kwese Free Sports. We also exclusively bring them amazing world-renowned live games and tournaments through the NBA, ESPN, NFL amongst other first of their kind partnerships.