Kwese TV licence in Zimbabwe sparks unrest

Econet Media has reportedly activated its “contractual termination clause” with Dr Dish, the licence holder on the back of whom they were running their Kwese TV services in Zimbabwe.

The company is owned by Zimbabwe’s first official billionaire Strive Masiyiwa. The fear is that as government pulled the plug on DSTV’s GoTV attempt and left many holding onto cold decoders, so too may the new Kwese broadcast find itself without any signal.

When reached for comment, Econet Media acknowledged that they indeed had severed ties with Dr.Dish in Zimbabwe, but said their continued operation is above board as their operations are sanctioned by the ‘government’.

And in spite of there not being a properly constituted BAZ board and through a transitional period without a minister, Econet Media say they are playing legally. “Without getting bogged down with legal interpretations, all Kwese operations have the authority of the government,” said Econet Media consultant Mr Zachary Wazara when reached for comment.
“The launch of Kwese has been one of the most exciting and powerful developments in the country. In less than a year, the company has been able to recruit, train and empower over 3 000 entrepreneurs (companies and individuals) who are doing service installations and support on a non-stop basis. Over 1,000 brand ambassadors have been employed,” Wazara added.