Kwesé ready to change African narrative through revolutionary content

Kwesé, Pan-African broadcast network is initiating new ways of delivering broadcasting services in a process that will transform and reshape the African narrative.  

Zachary Wazara, Econet Media Executive, stated, “We are really establishing new ways of delivering broadcasting and I hope and pray that for you as people in the media you will be able to take advantage of this and begin to put together that African narrative in a manner that will transform our continent. We are introducing competition, we are introducing a platform for the African narrative.” He described that, their focus is to make Kwesé a sports and entertainment destination for Africa, adding that Kwesé is about inspiring people and presenting them in an authentic sense.

He further said that Kwesé free sports (KFS) is a digital terrestrial television that is currently in 23 countries and have signed up broadcasting agreement with Broadcasting Organization of Nigeria (BON) to bring the world cup to vast majority of Nigerians, ordinarily not covered by pay TV. “In Nigeria, for the world cup our KFS business has signed up with BON, so that, instead of 4.5 million pay TV customers watching the world cup, we can now take the world cup to between 100 and 120 million people.

Zachary concluded by saying, “So, the free to Air business is really intended to extend the reach to the population in Africa, recognizing the fact that, not everyone can afford pay TV. “Now, the key thing is why KFS, because all sports when presented has always been on pay TV and KFS gives an opportunity to the average African out there to watch Formula 1, to watch NBA at the highest level, to watch boxing at the highest level, to watch every single sport that is out there, like crickets, soccer, rugby and so on, because Africa is been restricted to only soccer.’’