Kwesé TV can operate in Zimbabwe after government reverses ban

Justice Charles Hungwe, the High Court Judge, gave the verdict on the ban Kwesé TV has been facing and the company now has the right to operate in the country. The ban followed the actions of the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) which cancelled the company’s licence to operate. 

Dr Dish, the independent satellite broadcasting firm contested the cancellation of the licence by BAZ of Kwesé TV saying it was an infringement on their right to freedom of expression. Tawanda Nyambirai represented Masiwiya’s associate during the legal procedure, said that he had been informed that he won his challenge and was hoping that the private TV content distributor, would start operating soon.

“I am excited that the courts have proved once again that they are independent and value the Constitution and its dictates on the Bill of Rights. I hope and look forward to an exciting era as my client starts to operate and gives out to the people the best they hope for. The service my client is offering has more advantages and is affordable to many of our people,” he said.

Dr Dish made an urgent chamber application demanding High Court to reverse the decision by BAZ to cancel its licence. Nyambirai had stated that BAZ acted without board approval and the move was ultra vires the powers vested in it, and this had threatened over 1 600 jobs and about $4 million in projected income.